Werley Bird Entertainment is a multimedia art studio devoted to sharing tantalizing spectacles and unique storytelling with the world. Founded by Bradly Werley, the studio strives to tell stories with positive messages through such art forms as illustration, comics, music, film and animation.

Bradly Werley is an artist, film maker and occasional rapper who currently resides in Portland, Oregon. As a boy he developed a passion for writing, puppet making, movies and stop motion animation. He has since gone on to earn his BFA in New Media, teach stop motion puppet fabrication and animation at a college level, produce several award winning short films, and has worked under the guidance of animation gurus like Travis Knight (Laika), Henry Selick (Cinderbiter) and Phil Tippett (Tippett Studios/ MAD GOD). He is inspired and enthralled by horror, science fiction, fantasy, world issues, social justice and old school hip hop.

For associated projects please check out the following links:

“T.P.”: The Life of a Toilet Paper Roll a film by WerleyBob Pictures.