-Brothers of the Broom

Brothers of the Broom is the second chapter to a film concept I developed in 2007 while working on my BFA thesis. I was putting myself through college at the time and needed to work several jobs to do so. One of these jobs was a custodial position that swept an idea into my head…what if a young witch, Brumehilda Meltwater, has trouble finding friends due to her unique green skin so as a result she quite literally decides to “make” her friends…hence a clan of magical, burlap-woven, broom-wielding scarecrows…cause why not? Right?!

Over the past 8 years I’ve been chipping away at this story intended as a comic series and eventual feature film I hope to direct in the medium of…yep, you guessed it…stop motion!

Each of these scarecrows are inspired by the group of guys I used to work with as a janitor and I credit the title of my story to my buddy, Zac (the tall dude in the photo). We were the brothers of the broom.

Wicker, the noble, strong, yet humble hero that possesses all the attributes of Doug, making him the leader of these burlap woven-wonders.

Bristle, the mellow, free-thinking, cerebral philosopher. All that is Phillip makes this mohawk-clad marvel the second in command.

PanHandel, the calm, cool, collected brawn of the group. Possessing all of Zac’s charisma, he is a warrior of great fortitude.

Dusty, the brash, little wise-crack. He’s small but he packs a gruff punch, making him the quintessential wild card that is Lou.

Burlapikus, the bashful and jolly, more likely to give hugs than hits. All the cheer that Matt possesses goes into this big loveable, lug.

Golliver, the timid, yet compassionate. He is the thoughtful soul of the group, demonstrating all of Andy’s kindness.

Perhaps one of these days I’ll finally make my movie. Until then I hope you enjoy what you see and be sure to check back in as I’ll be adding more to this page periodically.

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