-I.B. Rotten (Zombie Rapper)

*NOT for the faint of heart or perhaps easily offended. I.B. Rotten, the zombie rapper, is vile, disgusting, and downright…DEAD SEXY! From his career in the movie biz, to rappin’ on stage, to hangin’ out with Ewoks, Fly-Men and Horny Robots, he’s certainly an undead star in the making. Check out his very own web page here sponsored by Werley Bird Entertainment, but BEWARE you may not make it out alive… OR you just might be really offended by the content…Either way, this guy is dead so why should he care what you think!

On Set George C. Romero’s “Zombie Day”, Portland, OR, 2016.

Laika Halloween Party, 2015.

Zelfies, 2013.

Zombie Ball, 2013.

Portland Zombie Walk, 2013.