-T.P. (The Life of a Toilet Paper Roll)

T.P. (2014) is a short stop motion animated film created by Bob Blevins and Bradly Werley a.k.a. WerleyBob Pictures. Through an original screen play written by Bob, the film tells the story of a naive roll of toilet paper placed in a less than desirable gas station bathroom. T.P.’s sole role in life hangs at the disposal of the gas station’s employees…or so he is told by a cast of traumatized “comrades”. The innocent roll decides to think otherwise and fights to free himself from impending doom.

All voiced by the one and only Bob Bergen (Voice of Warner Bros. Porky Pig), the film features an entire cast of characters conceived and animated by Bob, and designed and fabricated by Werley.

After a few meetings Bob and Bradly formed WerleyBob Pictures in 2010 in a small apartment in Chinatown, San Francisco, California. The two animation enthusiasts quickly agreed that T.P. needed to be the first film they’d produce together.

Upon hearing Bob’s idea and reading his script, Werley instantly sat down and began designing all of the characters for the film. Once the two agreed on the designs, the duo made a few R&D runs to Oakland to uncover some of the nastiest bathrooms they could find and documented these for reference.

Werley storyboarded the script that would become the essential imagery for the animatic, a blueprint for the film that, as directer, Bob edited.

After compiling all of the crucial pre-production elements, WerleyBob needed to find a way to actually produce a finished film. The two opted to launch a kickstarter campaign that successfully raised just over $5,000.

Once the funds were raised, WerleyBob set to work. Werley designed and fabricated all of the props and the two sets the team would need for their film.

Werley began designing the characters by sculpting each of them in the third dimension. These sculptures would later inform each of these characters’ puppet builds.

Werley then designed and fabricated all of the puppets with the help of a small team of talented artists that volunteered their time and energy to the project.



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