WerleyBird Entertainment proudly presents the one of a kind, brand spankin’ new, R.I.C.O. the Horny Robot Bobble Heads! Unlike others, these handcrafted, hand painted, made in Americana Bobbles don’t just stop at one head! But hey, you don’t have to be as horny as the robot himself to purchase one of these babies because these unique bobbles feature a detachable microphone and personalized base for plenty of customizable fun! Supplies are limited though so pick up your very own R.I.C.O. the Horny Robot Bobble Head today!

$19.95 (plus $8.00 shipping) RTHR Bobble Head

*NOT for the faint of heart or easily offended, I.B. Rotten a.k.a. the zombie rapper, is vile, disgusting and downright…DEAD SEXY! Check out his EP produced by Werley Bird Entertainment! From eating babies, to his short career in fetish porn, to inventing the Rigor Mortis Riggle, you’re sure to be appauled by his undead antics. For a taste of this repulsive/delectable lil’ morsel head over to I.B. Rotten’s web page and you be the judge of his gift of gab.¬†Either way this guy is dead and really doesn’t care what anyone stinks or thinks.

$8.00 (includes shipping) CD

What will one mother do to save her children from an apocalyptic zombie onslaught?!…Find out in the original 13 page comic created and published by Werley Bird Entertainment! To see the digital version of the comic check out the Margrot Weathers page: Margrot Weathers. For the perfect Mother’s Day gift, order your very own hard copy edition today! Simply click the “Buy Now” button below and we’ll do our very best to get your gift shipped out to you A.S.A.P. Thank you!

$5.00 (includes shipping) Comic